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'Secret Files 3' brings film aesthetic to adventure gaming

Coming to Steam this September

Secret Files 3
Secret Files 3

The most successful adventure game in Germany will hone its filmic skills by deleting puzzles around emotional moments.

Secret Files 3, the third entry in the most popular adventure game series in Germany, brings film aesthetic to the typical adventure game format by deleting certain puzzles surrounding core emotional moments, developer Animation Arts explained during a presentation for the title at this year's Gamescom.

As demonstrated by the title's project lead Marco Zeugner, the writers and game designers for the title approach each scene differently based on working out how to construct game riddles in a way that retains the "filmic aesthetic" of the game.

"The team and I look into a scene to see where we can implement riddles," said Zeugner, "while the writers look after the scene from the emotional core. We decided to delete a puzzle from an earlier version of the game prior to a wedding scene in order to keep that emotional core."

Secret Files 3 will feature numerous historical locations including Florence in the 15th century and Alexandria during Caesar's occupation. The lead character, Nina, will be able to travel to these locations through her dreams as she attempts to solve a recurring nightmare that shows the world around her on fire.

The upcoming adventure title will be available on Steam mid-September.

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