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'Shadowrun Online' planned for Ouya, Linux

"Adding these platforms will make Shadowrun an even better cross-platform experience" Michael Paeck, Cliffhanger Productions

Shadowrun Online concept art
Shadowrun Online concept art
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Shadowrun Online, the free-to-play isometric MMORPG looking for funding on Kickstarter, is coming to Ouya and Linux, said developer Cliffhanger Productions.

Shadowrun Online, the free-to-play isometric action RPG looking for funding on Kickstarter, is coming to Ouya and Linux, according to developer Cliffhanger Productions.

The game had previously been confirmed for PC/Mac, iOS, and Android.

Cliffhanger is building Shadowrun Online on the Unity3D engine, which will support Linux in its upcoming version 4.0. Unity 4.0 has no release date at this point, so while Cliffhanger can't guarantee that the game will be available on Linux at launch, the studio pledged to make a Linux port as soon as possible.

"You can now easily play the game on your tablet, switch to your desktop PC and then later enjoy it on your Ouya-connected TV," said Cliffhanger co-founder Michael Paeck, adding that a player's account and character will remain consistent across all platforms.

Cliffhanger also released a video showing more Shadowrun Online gameplay footage; check it out below. New concept art is available in the most recent update to the game's Kickstarter page.

With 12 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Shadowrun Online's funding currently sits below half of its $500,000 goal.

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