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New 'Heavy Gear' title coming from Stompy Bot

heavy gear
heavy gear

A new "Heavy Gear" game is in the works from Stompy Bot Studios.

A new Heavy Gear title is in the works from Stompy Bot Productions, a new digital-focused producer-publisher in New Brunswick, Canada, the company announced this morning.

Stompy Bot obtained exclusive licensing to the Heavy Gear franchise, owned by Canada-based design studio Dream Pod 9, for 3D console and mobile gaming. Dream Pod 9 will be working in tandem with Stompy Bot to produce the game.

"Dream Pod 9 looks forward to working closely with Stompy Bot Productions in developing the next incarnation of Heavy Gear's 3D video game," said company president Robert Dubois. "Stompy Bot has the drive and talent to bring the world of Heavy Gear to life for all of our fans and a whole new generation of gamers."

The Heavy Gear series takes place on the planet of Terra Nova in the distant future, where factions of a fractured civilization battle each other in giant mechanical robots. The games are spread across various media, include a tabletop RPG, miniatures, and a 2001 animated series.

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