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'Anno 2070' explores the darkest depths with 'Deep Ocean' pack

anno 2070
anno 2070

Anno 2070 gets "Deep Ocean" DLC pack.

Anno 2070, a real-time strategy game with city-building elements, will get new downloadable content on October 4th focusing on deep sea exploration, publisher Ubisoft announced today.

The "Deep Ocean" pack will add more than 150 new quests and another faction to the game's established three. This faction, called the Techs, will further exploration of the ocean depths and aid in massive below-sea power plants.

The add-on will also include new energy transmitters to deliver energy between islands, new buildings and decorations for city construction, natural disasters for players to work through and co-op features.

Anno 2070, set on a future Earth where global warming has melted the ice caps and humanity lives on a series of islands, was released in November of last year for PC.

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