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'Kumo Lumo' and 'Puzzle Craft' lead Chillingo's latest mobile gaming push

Five games from EA Mobile

Kulo mulo
Kulo mulo

EA introduces to it's latest roster of mobile titles for iOS devices.

Chillingo continues to push hard into the world of iOS with its mobile gaming roster, featuring titles from Blitz Games Studio and Kokonut Studio, among others, shown at this year's Gamescom.

The Blitz-developed Kumo Lumo is something of a combination between sticker-craft, Katamari Damacy, and a quaint, Saturday morning cartoon take on Space Invaders. You play a two-dimensional cloud, Lumo, who when tapped on-screen can rain on fires, enemy black clouds, sheep, trees, volcanoes, mountains, among other interactive objects that react to the water poured down. Black clouds will evaporate when hit, trees will grow and produce smaller white clouds, mountains will produce sheep, sheep will rise from the ground to become clouds themselves, and all the while Lumo will slowly run down on his water supply, shrinking in size until eventually risking total evaporation.

His cloud sensibilities mean he is able to roll into smaller white clouds that roam the game's skies in order for him to grow in size, a vague Damacy-ism that let's you maintain your water supply and continue raining on what's below. Lumo will eventually level and emit a lightning ability to destroy larger enemy-types like enormous volcanoes, adding variety to his main rain ability. The game features two control schemes, one designed for tap-and-drag play and the other offering two makeshift thumbsticks on either side of the screen. Kumo Lumo will include 36 levels, all part of what Blitz is deeming a "true" free-to-play experience that lets users play the game in its entirety at no cost. Kumo Lumo is developed for iPod, iPad, and iPhones.

Puzzle Craft by Chillingo is an iOS city-builder where users accumulate resources that can lead to the creation of new buildings by playing a series of match-three-or-more mini-games. Players will connect identical icons from a screen of possible resources (think pigs, carrots, grain, and so on) in something not unlike Bejeweled, drawing lines between the resources with their finger horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Specially designed tools, essentially bonus abilities that are in limited supply, are used to handle the likes of rats that will "eat" resources off of the screen, or pockets of gas that can cause explosions while mining.

The player can later hire villagers to increase productivity, as well as the likelihood of particular resources. The eventual goal is to build a castle, but in the meantime your focus is on gathering as many necessary resources as possible to populate your city with buildings, special villagers, and micro-managing your supplies in a surprisingly complex game that challenges you to maintain your town. Developed by Ars Thanea Games, Puzzle Craft is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Pony Trail is a one-part pet simulator, one-part photography game where you can wash and customize the look of their horse with different saddles and blankets, then set out across a plateau, mountain, or coast setting to take photos of animals. It's a slow, meditative kind of game that lets you direct the horse by shaking and steering your iPad, then attempt to take clear, centered photos of passing wildlife for points. Forks in the road are designed to encourage replays across the three possible settings. The game is developed by Tantalus for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Endless Road is a minimalist-styled top-down driving game where the road behind you collapses and disappears, and continues to build itself ahead of you into a literal endless road. The street is riddled with ramps, speed boosts, slow downs, cars, and occasionally cops, the latter will shoot ahead of your and make it all the more difficult to pass through as the pavement behind you falls away. An entry in the "endless runner" genre, Endless Road is about compulsively moving forward while veering around every distraction that will inevitably run you off the road. Developed by David Linan Reyes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The game will release this fall.

Finally, the Chillingo-published Sky Hero was shown, in which you fall continuously with a chance of hitting everything from gold coins to saws and explosive devices along the way. Power ups can be bought through the in-game shop with coins earned from the game, including anchors that cause you to drop more quickly and shields that allow you to hit bombs. It features both tilt and touch controls with which you'll maneuver around objects and through the game's real-time weather system-induced fog while free-falling. The game is developed by Kokonut Studio for all iOS devices.

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