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'Prey 2' removed from Bethesda's website, 'not appropriate' for new site launch

'Not appropriate to include it on the new site launch.' Bethesda representative

Prey 2
Prey 2

Prey 2 disappears from Bethesda website's game list.

Prey 2 is no longer listed on the official Bethesda website following an update to the studio's games page that was included in the new site re-design that launched last week.

As reported by IGN, one Bethesda spokesperson stated the new games list is based on the upcoming titles the company is currently talking about which does not include the Prey sequel.

"Since we had already announced it wasn't coming out this year and we don't have anything new to say on the game at this time, we simply didn't think it'd be appropriate to include it on the new site launch. We chose instead to focus on the upcoming titles we are talking about."

Prey 2 was initially announced in 2011, with a release date slated for this year before rumors of its cancellation began to circulate. Bethesda has since said the game is simply delayed beyond 2012.

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