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'Street Fighter X Tekken' Vita features include offline Ghost Tag and trying on other players' stuff

sfxt vita
sfxt vita

"Street Fighter X Tekken" Vita features include offline 'tag' and trying on other players' stuff.

Street Fighter X Tekken's PlayStation Vita version will include a bevy of features that benefit from playing the game online, developer Capcom announced today on its official blog.

The "Ghost Tag" feature allows players to battle CPU characters based on opponents previously encountered online. "Swap Switch" will allow players to swap onto the team of an opponent they lose to in Ghost Tag. Once on their team, players can try out all that team's goodies, such as their DLC costumes and Gem load outs.

Players who use the same PlayStation Network username on both their PlayStation 3 and Vita will be able to share gems, quick combos, DLC, and other personalized content across both platforms. In-game movies, music, sound effects, and recordings can be played in the game's Gallery feature, where players can also view character AR renders.

Finally, the Vita version will include an Activity feature that tracks in-game progress, play history, store purchases, and status information that other friends with Street Fighter x Tekken can comment on.

Street Fighter x Tekken will release on the PlayStation Vita on October 23rd.

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