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Peter Molyneux's cube 'Curiosity' delayed to September

curiouser andn curiouser

curiosity peter molyneux
curiosity peter molyneux

Peter Molyneux's "Curiousity" has been delayed to September.

Curiosity, the first game coming from Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans, has been delayed until September, the company announced in a new trailer.

The video, posted below, shows the makeup of the game's infamous cube, a large black block made from an untold number of smaller black blocks which players must chip away at to reach it's center. The contents of the cube are unknown, and only one player will have the privilege of seeing what's inside – the purpose of Molyneux's "experiment" being to see how that one player shares, or doesn't share, their find.

Curiosity will also feature downloadable content in the form of chisels with which to hack away at the cube, including a £50,000 diamond chisel which only one player can purchase. The game is the first of 22 "experiments" Molyneux hopes to produce with 22cans.

Polygon has reached out to Molyneux for the reason behind the game's delay and will update the story when he responds.

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