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'SunFlowers' blossoms on PlayStation Vita this fall

In bloom


"SunFlowers" blossoms on PlayStation Vita this fall.

SunFlowers, a botanical-themed game focused on growing a garden of unique flowers, is coming to PlayStation Vita this fall, developer The Game Atelier announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

In SunFlowers, players take control of the almighty sun, beaming down light to aid flora growth. Sunlight must be shone through passing clouds, which turn the light to rain and promote seed sprouting. Any seeds that come in direct contact with sunlight will burn up, but these fires can quickly be put out with a few drops of water.

Every flower grown in-game is added to players' collections, which can be admired on their own Vita or gifted to other SunFlowers participants via the Vita's Near function. Those up for a challenge can pursue rarer flower types in the game's "Normal" and "Hard" modes and unlockable bonus stages.

The announcement trailer below demonstrates the unique perils to each of the game's seasonal levels, such as rogue falling leaves that can cover seeds during "Autumn" and unpredictable weather patterns. Players may also find themselves toe-tapping along to the game's charming soundtrack, which is inspired by composer Antonio Vivaldi's Baroque piece The Four Seasons.

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