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'Closure' releasing to Steam this September, PS3 EU release 'still possible'

'Closure' gets closer to PC


Closure coming to Steam this September, with a possibility to hit European PSN sometime down the line.

Closure, the gothic, black-and-white PSN puzzle game by Tyler Glaiel, will release to Steam this September and may potentially become available to PlayStation 3 users outside of North America, according to a release announcement by Team Meat.

Glaiel, who is currently involved with Team Meat creator Edmund McMillen in the development of the Basement Collection, told Eurogamer the Steam version of the title will run in all resolutions and include audio commentary and mod support. In addition, dev tools will be available with the game; However, they will not be easy to use.

The game currently has no availability for PSN Europe, but there is still a possibility this may happen.

"The PS3 EU version is missing because it was taking far too long to get the details for that worked out, and we decided we should focus on the PC launch instead since that will be global. It still may come out on the EU PSN eventually."

Closure was made available on US PSN last March. The game allows the player to manipulate light and alter the environmnet.

The next level of puzzles.

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