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'They Bleed Pixels' brings the pixel-bath to Steam on August 29th

There will be pixels

they bleed pixels
they bleed pixels

"They Bleed Pixels" brings the pixel-bath to Steam on August 29th

They Bleed Pixels, Spooky Squid Games' platformer beat-em-up, is coming to Steam on August 29th, the developer announced yesterday.

Spooky Squid's brawler is a pixelized, gothic-washed homage to H.P. Lovecraft that "drips, gushes, and flows" as you take out enemies. Players step into the shoes of a young girl who is less sugar-and-spice and more are-those-bayonettes-where-your-hands-should-be?

The launch trailer below shows off the game's one-button mechanic – but simply button-mashing won't get you anywhere. Performing an elegant serious of executions will earn players checkpoints that can be placed at will throughout each level.

They Bleed Pixels was originally announced for Xbox Live Indie Games last summer, but was delayed for polish to release exclusively on Steam.

The next level of puzzles.

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