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'Psychonauts' coming to PlayStation 2 Classics on August 28th


"'Psychonauts" coming to downloadable PlayStation 2 Classics.

Psychonauts, the first game to come out of Double Fine Productions, is coming to the PlayStation Network as a PlayStation 2 Classic on August 28th.

Psychonauts – originally published for Xbox, PC, and PS2 in 2005 and birthed from the mind of Double Fine's Tim Schafer – follows psychically-gifted cadet Raz on a mission to overturn a dark conspiracy by solving puzzles and kicking around enemies.

On the PlayStation Blog, the developer's community manager Chris Remo stated that the game has been requested for PSN release for some time.

"As it turns out, we do love free money!" posted Remo, referring to a comment posted on a Rock Paper Shotgun article. "(Preferably in cash-stuffed envelopes slid under the office door.) But to truly become a PlayStation 2 Classic, we wanted to ensure Psychonauts had all the time it needed to grow into its status as a classic, like a fine artisanal Tuscan cheese. But less smelly."

Psychonauts will be ready to download for PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation Store updates on August 28th.

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