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'Spelunker HD' getting update and 'Championship Mode' DLC packs August 28th

PlayStation Plus members get 50 percent off


Spelunker getting major content update and new DLC.

Spelunker HD is set to receive a major content update as well as "Championship Mode" DLC packs starting August 28th on the PlayStation Network, Tozai Games announced today.

The software update, which includes a new area and seven additional downloadable "Championship Mode" packs will be available for both North America and Europe. The patch and each DLC pack includes a new area with 10 stages, increased lives, and extra content trophies. In total this contains 80 additional levels.

In addition, PlayStation Plus members can purchase Spelunker HD and the DLC packs for a 50 percent discount for two weeks, beginning on the day of the update's release.

The update will improve screen views in the game's online multiplayer mode, while the title's first expansion pack will be included for free with the patch. Expansions two through eight will be made available shortly for $1.99 each, while two new packs are expected next month.

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