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'Guild Wars 2' is closer to wealth equality than the United States

All that glitters is gold

guild wars 2
guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 beta statistics show deeper truths hidden in the gold mines.

Guild Wars 2 is closer to wealth equality in its population than the United States, based on a comparison made between statistics from the Guild Wars 2 beta and wealth equality statistics from the United States in 2007, as compiled in an infograph made by ArenaNet economist John Smith.

According to Smith's study, as of 2007, 20 percent of the American population controlled 85 percent of the overall wealth. In comparison, at the end of the Guild Wars 2 beta, 50 percent of the Guild Wars population controlled 85 percent of the wealth.

Smith adds the team hopes to maintain this high level of equality when the game launches.

Other statistics from the game's beta led Smith to find the most popular profession during this time was jeweler, with over 60 thousand users opting for the role. Cook, on the other hand, came out as the least common profession.

In addition, throughout the beta 31 percent of gold earned game from rewards relating to map completion, daily quests, and monthly quests. 25 percent came from the completion of dynamic events, 23 percent came from one-time tasks that show up on the map, 12 percent from looted kills, 8 percent from quests in the personal story, and 1 percent from interactive objects such as treasure chests.

Guild Wars 2 is scheduled to release August 28th, while those with a three-day head start code can access the title tomorrow.


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