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'Minecraft' update introduces the poisonous Wither King


wither king minecraft
wither king minecraft

"Minecraft" is getting carrots and potatoes, dyed armor, and a terrifying new monster.

The latest update for Mojang's Minecraft will include a new foe to contend with, the three-headed Wither King, according to players who have downloaded the update's pre-release (called a snapshot).

The Wither King is a dark, skeletal figure that shoots projectiles from its three heads, slowly turning players' hearts to black after impact. YouTube user SethBling captured the creature and uploaded a video, posted below, demonstrating what it's capable of (skip ahead to 9:56 to see the Wither King in action).

The update will also include frames for objects like maps and weapons, potions of invisibility that also hide a user's nametag, carrots, potatoes, flower pots, and cobblestone wall blocks. This additions were made at the request of Minecraft players on Reddit, and a full list of the patch notes along with downloadable test worlds for each new addition can be found on the site's r/Minecraft forums.

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