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Tengami trailer shows a darker take on the pop-up book


Tengami trailer shows a darker take on the pop-up book.

Developer Nyamyam Games released a brand new trailer today highlighting gameplay for its iPad adventure,Tengami.

The trailer, posted below, offers a glimpse at the touchscreen game's uniquely-constructed setting. Set in an era of Japan deeply entrenched in its culture's dark and ancient fairy tales, players move through a world stylized to look and feel like a living pop-up book. Solving puzzles requires manipulating papercraft environments and guiding a tiny origami samurai through its dangers.

Tengami is also a finalist for IndieCade 2012, the international festival celebrating indie games and developers, and will be playable at the show on October 6th and 7th in Culver City, California.

Polygon sat down with one of Nyamyam's co-founders to learn the inspiration behind their pop-up fantasy. Tengami is currently in development for iPad, but the developer into looking into versions for iPhone, PC, and Mac as well.

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