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The Besties Podcast XXV



This week on The Besties, we examine Justin's yogurt problem. Also games.

Good news! The Besties are back for more hijinks, shenanigans and foofaraw. With Griffin still out and about, Dave Tach fills in once again, bringing with him a top-notch game. Also: Chris Plante enjoys tree-related puns and Justin discovers the perils of yogurt sales. Welcome, once again, to The Besties Podcast.

5:10 Chris Plante - Jack Lumber (iOS)

12:00 Justin McElroy - Hybrid (360)

21:25 Halftime: Apocalypse Sheetz

25:10 Dave Tach - Darksiders 2 (360/PS3/PC)

32:45 THE DECISION by Russ Frushtick

Music: "Little Marcus" by George & Jonathan

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