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Harmonix unveils 'Rock Band World' Facebook app for 'Rock Band 3' and 'Blitz' players

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Harmonix unveils "'Rock Band World" Facebook app.

Today Harmonix unveiled Rock Band World, a social app that will allow Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band 3 players to connect via Facebook.

The launch trailer, posted below, demonstrates Rock Band World's inherent competitive nature. Users can share scores, challenge each other in one-on-one or group games, and team up to complete community-wide Goals released weekly. Players who win challenges will earn coins, which can be used to purchase in-game power ups. Blitz players have access to a Score Wars mode that lets them compare scores. Rock Band 3 players can browse the console title's catalog of over 3,800 songs, as well as purchase new ones and view statistics on their own in-game performances.

"When designing Rock Band World we wanted to extend the player experience beyond the console in exciting new and social ways," said project director Matthew Nordhaus. "By letting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players link both Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band 3 to their large, already established social network, we're opening up some great opportunities for competitive and collaborative gameplay."

Rock Band Blitz is set to release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on August 28th.

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