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'Arc the Lad,' 'Tomba!' PSOne Classics coming to Vita from MonkeyPaw

Arc the Lad, Alundra, and Tomba, oh my!


"Arc the Lad," "Tomba!" PSOne Classics coming to Vita from MonkeyPaw.

Side-scrolling platformer Tomba! and tactical role-playing game Arc the Lad are included on the list of PSOne Classics available on the PlayStation Vita tomorrow, August 28th, publisher MonkeyPaw Games announced today.

MonkeyPaw's shortlist of late-90s PSOne games being ported to Vita includes sequel Arc the Lad II, medieval-mecha strategy role-playing game Vanguard Bandits, and Alundra, a role-playing game with action and platforming elements known for its dark storyline.

"With these fine classics soon available on PSVita, gamers will have access to our best RPG and action titles," said MonkeyPaw president John Greiner in a press release. "Games like Tomba!, Arc the Lad and Alundra are a blast to play on the go. And now gamers can easily share these classic PlayStation experiences with their friends."

At Gamescom, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon that the company had initially planned to release the Vita with PSOne support already built-in. However, since Vita support is built on top of PlayStation Portable support engineers had to get the latter working first, which would have delayed the console's launch.

"People will be surprised and pleasantly surprised with the amount and the speed of support of PSone gaming when we announce this," Shuhei said.

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