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'Starlight Story' browser-based fantasy now accepting closed beta applicants

Save a dying planet from the comfort of your browser

starlight story
starlight story

"Starlight Story" is Aeria Games' latest browser-based endeavor, a fantasy massively multiplayer online game.

Today international free-to-play Internet games publisher Aeria Games announced Starlight Story, a browser-based massively multiplayer online title, is now accepting registrants for its closed beta phase.

Starlight Story mixes sci-fi and fantasy, illustrated in the trailer below, as players utilize a meld of technology and magic on their quest to save a dying planet. Players are dropped into a world of dwindling resources, without which everything will fall to ruin unless a solution can be found.

A unique mechanic called "Superstar transformations" allows players to take on the form of bosses they have previously defeated, granting them use of that boss's powers and statistics. These morphing powers are shared with players' pets, which are bred to fight alongside them in battle along, along with mounts, which remain active in battle and provide speed and stat boosts.

Beta registration can be completed on the game's official website.

Aeria Games, based in Santa Clara, California, publishes browser, PC, tablet, and smartphone games across 30 countries and in nine languages.

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