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'Max Payne 3' takes to the 'Hoboken Rooftops' tomorrow

Free 'Max Payne 3' DLC imminent.

Gallery Photo: 'Max Payne 3' 'Hoboken Rooftops' DLC
Gallery Photo: 'Max Payne 3' 'Hoboken Rooftops' DLC

Max Payne's "Hoboken Rooftops" DLC map takes the titular hero to the roofs tomorrow, developer Rockstar announced today alongside a gigantic infographic offering tips.

Max Payne 3's "Hoboken Rooftops" downloadable map takes the titular hero to the roofs tomorrow, and developer Rockstar Games released a gigantic infographic offering details and tips today.

According to Rockstar, the multi-tiered battleground was designed to accommodate close and long-range combat, and will see matches take place within and on top of several dilapidated New Jersey buildings. The map will be available in deathmatch, team deathmatch, and "Payne Killer" multiplayer modes.

"Hoboken Rooftops" is part of the free "Disorganized Crime Pack" DLC set to release tomorrow on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. In addition to the new map, the DLC bundles modifiers to score attack mode, including explosive rounds, incendiary rounds, and a headshots-only mode, among others. "Noir Mode" will allow players to experience the entire single-player campaign in black and white.

You can check out the lay of the land and Rockstar's tips, which we've shown for easy reading in the gallery below.

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