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'World of Warcraft' patch tweaks classes, updates the talent system

WoW's got talent

wow talent system
wow talent system

The latest "World of Warcraft" patch tweaks classes and adds a new talent system, meshing a ton of old and newer abilities for pleasures to peruse.

The newest patch for World of Warcraft will update the talent system, the game's class-specific skill trees, as well as overhaul most of its classes, Blizzard announced today.

"Once the patch launches be prepared to spend a little time reacquainting yourself with each ability, and setting your action bars up," reads a post on EU, which includes a full listing of changes for each class. Alterations to the class system will impact how you play your class, Blizzard cautions, with changes ranging from minor fixes to complete redesigns.

The new talent system will affect character creation, adding a new layout for specializations that displays the defining Core Abilities for each class specification. Talents to choose from include older skills with minor changes and newly-added abilities, and only one from each row in the talent tab can be active at a time. Players who want to reset a single talent must use a "Tome of Clear Mind" item, or visit their class trainer to turn them all off.

The patch also refines the use of Glyphs in skill customization and removes the Daily Quest cap, allowing players to complete an unlimited number daily in preparation for the sizeable amount of content coming with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

The full notes for the patch, available tomorrow, August 29th, can be found on EU.

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