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Rise of the Triad rebuild detailed in developer diary

Rise of Rise of the Triad

rise of the triad
rise of the triad

"Rise of the Triad" developer video and diary chronicles the reboot's progress.

Interceptor Entertainment, the development team behind the Rise of the Triad remake, launched a developer blog and released a video and handful of screenshots today detailing the remake's progress.

In the inaugural post on the game's development blog, director Frederik Schreiber details how the new Rise of the Triad's redesigned levels will present unique challenges without deviating dramatically from the original game.

"We have been striving to take our level designs to the next level, without removing what people remember so fondly from the originals," he wrote.

Schreiber walks readers through the team's "set dressing" process, describing how the game's art style has been updated will still preserving the feel of its predecessor.

"The original game only had different textures which changed the look of each level," said Schreiber, "but obviously in 2012 we can do much more to create the atmosphere and mood we are looking for."

The post included a time-lapse video, posted below, offering insight into how the artists build areas of the game. The video specifically shows the construction of "The Room," a section of a massive stone structure, from the initial setting of placeholder blocks to solidifying final textures.

Rise of the Triad was announced at QuakeCon earlier this month and is scheduled to release on Steam early next year.

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