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'Walking Dead' teaser sets stage for Episode 4's tough decisions

the walking dead
the walking dead

"The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 4" teaser trailer sets the stage for tough decisions.

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 4's new teaser trailer, posted today by IGN, brings the story of Lee and his ragtag crew's struggle for survival closer to its finale and sets the stage for some tough decisions.

The trailer for "Around Every Corner," posted below, shows a company divided by illness, injury, and human nature's inherently ugly selfishness in self-preservation. As their journey comes closer to Episode 5 and the gang's eleventh hour, it looks like Lee will have to tread carefully in dealing with the group's clashing personalities.

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 3, "Long Road Ahead," released yesterday on PlayStation Network. Late last week Episode 2 was announced for release this week on iOS.

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