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Sony working hard to expand list of PSOne classics available in North America

just following protocol

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

PSOne Classics region-unique approval processes are the reason behind the huge disparity between the European and North American launch lineups.

More PSOne Classics were released for the PlayStation Vita in the UK than in North America due to a difference in each region's approval processes, according to Sony, and the company is working hard to expand that list.

Earlier this week, the Vita's firmware update brought nine PSOne classics to the North American PlayStation Store. Europe received 129 PSOne games.

"Each territory is completely unique and must go through its own individual processes for approvals in order to be available for purchase directly on PS Vita through PlayStation Store," the representative told Polygon. "We work collaboratively with all parties involved, including third party publishers, to ensure that we are following the proper protocol.

"As of right now, there are nine PS one classics titles available on the PS Vita store, however we are working hard to expand this list as soon as possible," she added.

A workaround has been found that allows most PSOne titles on PlayStation Network to be transferred to the Vita via the PlayStation 3. We followed up with Sony for clarification on the approval process across both regions and how this has affected the PSOne games' release.

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