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Mythic outlines 'Ultima Online's' future on its 15th anniversary

Ultima Online
Ultima Online
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Mythic continues development on Ultima Online with new improvements and content 15 years later.

Ultima Online, the pioneering massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is on the cusp of its 15th anniversary. The game's developers say they have big things planned for Ultima Online in a new community letter that outlines Mythic's tentative plans.

Producer Bonnie Armstrong says the UO development teams are "talking and brainstorming about" a long list of new features, tweaks, and upgrades. Armstrong teases — but cautions this "is not written in stone" — new hi-res art, UI improvements for the latest version of the client, new sea creatures and encounters, changes to pets, and much more.

Mythic will celebrate the Ultima Online's 15th anniversary by bringing back the "Return to Brittania" promotion for the month of September. That means lapsed Ultima Online subscribers can play the game for free next month.

Ultima Online was released on September 24th, 1997, if you're thinking about getting it something for its birthday.

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