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'Grand Theft Auto 4' mod brings 'San Andreas' into HD

East meets West as San Andreas comes to GTA IV

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The third beta version of "Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas," a Grand Theft Auto IV mod, launched this week.

The third beta version of "Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas," a Grand Theft Auto 4 mod, launched this week.

"Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas" aims to port Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to RAGE, the current-generation engine that powered Grand Theft Auto 4, and make the full PlayStation 2/Xbox-era game playable within the PC version of its 2008 successor. Development on the project began last year, with the first and second beta versions having launched in August and December, respectively.

The most recent beta version, named "World Enhancement," brings a host of improvements and additions to the mod, including a multiplayer mode, races, gang wars, and new weapons and cars. It's available for download right now. Check out the video preview below to see some highlights from the update.

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