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'Madden NFL 13' features over 6,000 Kinect voice commands

How many swear words do you know?

Madden NFL 13 Vita Fitzgerald
Madden NFL 13 Vita Fitzgerald

Madden NFL 13 has a whole lot of voice commands.

Madden NFL 13 will feature over 6,000 Kinect voice commands in its Xbox 360 edition, EA Tiburon designer Victor Lugo confirmed to Eurogamer.

According to Lugo, the integrated voice commands will be simpler than forcing users to navigate menus through numerous strategic options.

"There are commands that we're loading directly into the game right now," he explained. "What dynamic grammars do is take text and dynamically load it in, the name of the characters you have, your custom audibles and basically uses phonics to sound it out.

"If you type your name in there you can just say your name. If you put all your custom audibles in you'll be able to say them. All that adds up to the ability to add any play into the game and call out the name of any player, and that's over 6,000 commands."

Madden NFL 13 will also come to the Wii U, with features designed to highlight the GamePad controller such as an easy-use playbook, it was revealed yesterday.

EA announced the inclusion of Kinect voice commands in the game during Microsoft's E3 press conference. Madden NFL 13 will release August 28th on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, and Wii.

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