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Dragon Quest 10's 10-year plan will include new content every 10 weeks

10 is the magic number for Dragon Quest X.

dragon quest x
dragon quest x

Square Enix plans to give Dragon Quest 10 major updates every ten weeks for the next ten years.

Square Enix plans to offer downloadable content for Dragon Quest 10, which released yesterday in Japan for the Nintendo Wii, for 10 years, according to a report in Japanese newspaper Nikkei via Inside Games.

Last week Dragon Quest 10 producer Yosuke Saito revealed via Twitter that the development team would like to release major updates for the game every 10 weeks. These updates will include additional story segments and quests.

About ten weeks after launch, Square Enix plans to release a major update introducing m`ore gameplay elements and new mechanics. Inside Games also reports that the company is planning mid- to long-term earnings expansion through the title, which is the first online game in the Dragon Quest franchise.

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