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'Transformers Battle' ups the mobile ante with cards

Expect other games to follow suit

transformers battle optimus prime
transformers battle optimus prime

Transformers Battle, a card battle game headed to mobile devices, tasks players to collect Transformers cards to create a team of battling Transformers.

Transformers Battle, a card game headed to mobile devices, tasks players with assembling a team of Transformers cards and taking them into battle, publisher DeNA announced today.

The virtual card game from developer Mobage has players amass a deck of Transformers cards, pair them with weapons cards, and then engage in three vs. three battles and story missions. Completing missions earns credits, which can be used to pad a deck's arsenal with more cards. Gamers can play both as Autobots, who selflessly defend Earth at war, and the opportunistic Decepticons who would much rather use the fog of war as cover to mine our planet's precious energon.

Though no release date has been announced, Transformers Battle marks the first game in an exclusive three-year agreement between DeNA and Hasbro to develop and publish mobile Transformers games, so expect other titles to follow suit.

You can check out a few of the Transformers cards shuffled to our liking in the gallery below.

Update: Polygon reached out to DeNA and confirmed that the publisher of Transformers Battle is aiming for a fall 2012 release on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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