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'DayZ' creator details the future of the zombie apocalypse

Dogs, ammo, immersion, oh my


Dean Hall on the future of DayZ.

DayZ creator Dean Hall offers a clue into the future of the ARMA 2 mod in a playthrough with IGN, detailing ideas and plans for updates to the game.

According to Hall, he hopes to expand the player's ability to customize their experience by introducing numerous types of ammunition that they can then use to craft their own magazines.

Hall is also looking into various ways to introduce player specializations to the game, something he believes will be necessary for repairing and creating vehicles, without including skill trees that would take away from the immersion of the title.

"One way we've thought about doing it is, players can do it through experience, or they can learn it socially. So we've talked about socially learned skills, is one method of doing it; Another way of encouraging people to group up.

"Another example is we talked about [introducing] one permanent solution for bleeding. You suffer a bleeding injury and you can temporary fix it with a bandage, to permanently solve serious wounds you'll need to visit someone who is skilled at suturing."

Hall added that he hope to see all UI replaced by visual and aural cues in order to emphasize this immersive philosophy. In this case, when a player's character is cold they will be able to tell because the character will shiver.

Hall is also currently developing a system with the newly introduced dog companion, in which users will be able to command their dog to clear houses in a way similar to the film I Am Legend.

DayZ is currently being developed as a standalone title planned to release this year, it was announced earlier in the month. Check out our extensive feature on Hall and how his military experience contributed to the development of DayZ.