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'Planetside 2' beta testers fired 535 million shots, game will be hands-on at PAX Prime

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Planetside 2
Planetside 2

"Planetside 2" beta testers fired 535 million shots, and the game will be hands-on at PAX Prime this weekend.

Testers for massively multiplayer online first-person shooter Planetside 2's closed beta clocked over 535 million shots fired and averaged two hours a day in-game, Sony Online Entertainment announced today.

Since its start on August 3rd, beta testers have done 8.5 billion damage points to other players and 5.8 billion to vehicles, Sony reported. Successful hits totaled 194.6 million, along with the launching of 2.3 million rockets and 571,000 grenades, resulting in 6.3 million player deaths.

Sony also broke down players' Empire allegiance. While the majority, 34.67 percent of players, went with the Terran Republic, 32.96 percent backed the New Conglomerate and 32.37 percent the Vanu Sovereignty.

The company also announced Planetside 2 will be hands-on to the North American public for the first time at PAX Prime this weekend. Beta registration is still open on the game's official website.

Planetside 2 will be released for PC later this year as free to play without optional content available for purchase via the Steam Marketplace.

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