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Fuel Overdose trailer shows off weapon-based racing

looks like a high-octane racing experience

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Fuel Overdose, which developer I-Friqiya describes as a "tactical action racing game," now has a trailer showing off its racing component.

The game has been in development at I-Friqiya, a small studio with team members in Dubai and Tokyo, since 2010.

Fuel Overdose presents the action from a top-down perspective, a seemingly strange choice that executive producer Skander Djerbi says was necessary to show off the game's handbrake system. Engaging the handbrake will send your vehicle into a spin while its trajectory stays the same, so you can quickly change direction even on hairpin turns. Particularly skilled players will be able to use the technique to regain control after their vehicle is attacked.

Another unique element in Fuel Overdose is the use of a grappling hook during races. Players can latch onto a vehicle to gain momentum and overtake it, get back on the track after an accident, or take sharp turns at high speed by grabbing corner poles — a high-risk, high-reward maneuver.

Fuel Overdose's PSN launch, scheduled for this fall, will be followed by a PC release.