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Dream.Build.Play 2012 challenge winners are 'One Finger Death Punch' and 'Smirkers'

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one finger death punch
one finger death punch

The Dream.Build.Play 2012 challenge winners are "One Finger Death Punch" for Xbox 360 and and "Smirkers" for Windows Phone.

One Finger Death Punch and Smirkers won Microsoft's 2012 Dream.Build.Play challenge, the competition organizers announced today.

Silver Dollar Games' One Finger Death Punch for Xbox 360 is a fighter emulating the kung-fu film genre. Players fight across 250-plus stages in eight fighting modes and three difficult levels. Survival and "blind" survival modes allow players to test their own performance in creating their own fight choreography.

Window Phone winner Smirkers created by Kenneth Bugeja uses the phone's touch screen to fire green circle-creatures called Smirkers at yellow and red ones to turn them green. Hitting a black Smirker turns green Smirkers red and yellow, and in order to complete a level all Smirkers must be turned green.

Runners-up for Xbox 360 include shooter Dead Pixels, parachuting-ninja battler Ninja Crash, and puzzle platformer Gateways. Windows Phone runners-up are block puzzle game Pixel Blocked!, Alter Ego, a game in which players must copy the moves of another on-screen figure, and zombie tower defense Cradle to the Grave.

Dream.Build.Play is game design competition sponsored by Microsoft. Previous grand-prize winners include action role-playing game Dust: An Elysian Tail, released earlier this month on Xbox Live Arcade.

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