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'PlanetSide 2' beta invite waves detailed, coming to Steam

Beta has begun

planetside 2
planetside 2

PlanetSide 2 beta keys are being sent out and users can expect to access the game through Steam later on.

The PlanetSide 2 beta begins today and beta invites will continue to be sent in waves as a protective measure for servers, Sony Online Entertainment confirmed in a recent statement.

"External Beta invites will be sent out in waves on an as needed basis with priority given to active Planetside subscribers, inactive past subscribers and then Priority Beta Code and opt-in registrants, in that order," the statement reads. "Invitations to the External Beta will automatically be sent via email to the address associated with the Station Account utilized to register for Beta participation on

"Participants of the upcoming External Beta will be under a non-disclosure agreement if they accept participation and enter into the External Beta. We look forward to hearing players' reactions, feedback and comments so we can continue to refine and polish PlanetSide 2, making it even more awesome!"

In addition, PlanetSide 2 will be coming to Steam according to a recent Tweet by Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley.

In a Reddit Q&A this week, Smedley also confirmed the studio will not offer expansions for the title in the traditional sense but rather offer new free maps in a similar manner to Riot Games' free-to-play title League of Legends. He added that all beta key holders and registries are expected to be able to access PlanetSide 2 within two to four weeks.

No official release date has been announced as of yet for the PC title.

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