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'R-Type' PSone Classics being pulled from PlayStation Store this week

R-Type II
R-Type II
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R-Type Delta and R-Types to be pulled from North American PlayStation Store.

PSone Classics R-Type Delta and R-Types will be delisted from the North American PlayStation Store this week, according to the latest episode of the official PlayStation Blogcast. On Tuesday, August 7th, the two side-scrolling shoot 'em ups will no longer be available for purchase.

R-Type Delta, the first entry in the series to use 3D graphics, was released on the PlayStation in North America in 1999, published by Agetec. R-Types, a compilation featuring the first two 16-bit R-Type games, hit that same year from publisher ASCII Entertainment.

Irem pulled a much longer list of downloadable titles, including both R-Type Tactics games for PSP, from the Japanese PlayStation Store last year. Over the past year, the Sega Master System port of R-Type and SNES games Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning have been delisted from Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

Hakusan-based Irem had a financially difficult 2011, with the cancellation of Bumpy Trot 2 and Disaster Report 4, the latter canceled in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

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