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Blizzard launches 'Diablo 3' character profiles on

Diablo 3 character profiles
Diablo 3 character profiles
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Blizzard adds character profiles to Diablo 3 player accounts on

Now you can keep a careful eye on your Diablo 3 characters — and those of your friends — outside of the game, thanks to the newly launched character profiles on

Diablo 3 character profiles let players view their current equipment, gear bonuses, stats, kills, and skills, as well as those of their friends. Profiles also provide a look at your player history across classes and characters, as well as offer a peek at overall progress in normal and hardcore modes.

Blizzard says in a blog post that it plans to add more functionality to Diablo 3 character profiles, including "detailed statistics" and tabs for achievements and artisans.

Character profiles are linked to forum BattleTags, if you'd like to take a peek at some strangers' Diablo 3 character builds.

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