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Ubisoft's Xbox Live Hits Collection coming September 21st

Ubisoft's greatest XBLA hits

beyond good & evil
beyond good & evil

Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collecting coming September 21st.

Ubisoft's Xbox Live Hits Collection will hit retail on September 21st, the company confirmed today, and will include three of its most successful titles released on XBLA.

The pack will include the 2011 HD update of action-adventure title Beyond Good & Evil, first-person sandbox From Dust in which players assume the role of a god nurturing a nomadic tribe, and Outland, a 2D open-world platformer where players must manipulate different energies to move and attack.

The collection was originally announced in January with a planned March release alongside a PlayStation 3 version. An Amazon UK listing outed the bundle's contents in late June.

We have reached out to Ubisoft for news on the PlayStation 3 version.

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