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'Sound Shapes' is out today on the PlayStation Network

Sound Shapes is out today

sound shapes
sound shapes

"Sound Shapes" is out today on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Sound Shapes, Queasy Studios' musical side-scrolling platformer, is out today for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Sound Shapes can be purchased via the PlayStation Network for $14.99 (discounted at $11.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers) and is part of this month's PSN Play promotion. The game is cross-play compatible, meaning players buy the title once for use on both PS3 and PSVita, and all trophies and levels can be shared between both platforms.

The launch trailer below shows off a few of Sound Shapes song-based levels, where picking up notes and interacting with the environment add more sounds to the score. Players can tap and build to the tune of deadmau5, Beck, and Jim Guthrie once the update goes live today on the PlayStation Store.

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