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'Neverwinter' unveiling new content at Gamescom

New Neverwinter at Gamescom


Perfect World's MMO "Neverwinter" will be at Gamescom later this month with brand new content.

China-based publisher Perfect World Entertainment will bring Cryptic Studios' massively multiplayer online role-playing game Neverwinter to Gamescom next week, where it will reveal brand new in-game content.

Attendees will have the opportunity to check out the game's newest features and participate in a public event. The "Storming the Keep" event requires players to form alliances in order to take down a group of bandits and free a fortress under their control.

Neverwinter was originally announced in August 2010 as a five-player dungeon crawl set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, but has since expanded into a free-to-play massively multiplayer title. The game will come to PC later this year.

Gamescom will take place next week from August 15th to August 19th, and Polygon will be on the show floor for all your coverage needs.