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'Resident Evil 6' Xbox 360 achievement list unveiled

Spoiler warning

Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6's achievement list for Xbox 360 is unveiled months before its release

Resident Evil 6's achievement list is now available online via Xbox 360 Achievements, two months prior to the game's release.

The achievements appear to tie to the title's narrative, which means they are inevitably riddled with spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Resident Evil 6 contains five achievements for each of its story campaigns, which are awarded at the end of each chapter. The final six achievements will unlock following the completion of the main storyline and relate to the recently unveiled Ada Wong campaign.

The upcoming Capcom title can be completed on Amateur, Normal, Veteran, or Professional difficulty, while earning medals and collecting blue serpent emblems will boost your Gamerscore.

No Achievements appear to be available for the title's online multiplayer.

The Longest Night (10) - Complete the tutorial.

Gone to Hell (15) - Complete Chapter 1 in Leon's campaign.

Buried Secrets (15) - Complete Chapter 2 in Leon's campaign.

Get on the Plane (15) - Complete Chapter 3 in Leon's campaign.

Big Trouble in China (15) - Complete Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign.

The Trouble with Women (15) - Complete Chapter 5 in Leon's campaign.

Rescue the Hostages (15) - Complete Chapter 1 in Chris' campaign.

Tragedy in Europe (15) - Complete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign.

After Her! (15) - Complete Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign.

There's Always Hope (15) - Complete Chapter 4 in Chris' campaign.

Duty Calls (15) - Complete Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign.

Money Talks (15) - Complete Chapter 1 in Jake's campaign.

A Revolting Development (15) - Complete Chapter 2 in Jake's campaign.

Let's Blow This Joint (15) - Complete Chapter 3 in Jake's campaign.

Still on the Run (15) - Complete Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign.

See You Around (15) - Complete Chapter 5 in Jake's campaign.

Green around the Ears (15) - Complete the entire game on Amateur.

Normal Is Good (30) - Complete the entire game on Normal.

Back in My Day (30) - Complete the entire game on Veteran.

Leave It to the Pro (90) - Complete the entire game on Professional.

Check Out My Dogs (15) - Customize your dog tags.

Titular Achievement (15) - Earn (10) different titles.

One Is Better Than None (15) - Purchase one skill.

Mad Skillz (90) - Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.

Silent Killer (15) - Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.

Finish What You Start (15) - Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.

Bob and Weave (15) - Counter an enemy's attack three times in row.

Down, Not Out (15) - Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.

Lifesaver (15) - Help or rescue your partner ten times.

Weapons Master (30) - Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.

Give a Little Push (15) - Knock ten enemies off a high place.

Rising Up (30) - Earn a level-four title.

They're ACTION Figures! (15) - Collect 3 figures.

Stuntman (15) - Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.

Bring the Heat (15) - Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.

High Voltage (15) - Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.

Zombie Massacre (15) - Defeat 500 zombies.

J'avo Genocide (15) - Defeat 500 J'avo.

B.O.W.s Are Ugly (30) - Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.

I Prefer Them Alive (15) - Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.

Flying Ace (15) - Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.

Hard Choice (15) - Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.

Covered in Brass (30) - Earn 150 different medals.

Heirlooms (30) - Collect all the serpent emblems.

I Spy (15) - Complete Chapter 1 in Ada's campaign.

Counterintelligence (15) - Complete Chapter 2 in Ada's campaign.

This Takes Me Back (15) - Complete Chapter 3 in Ada's campaign.

Ada's Demise (15) - Complete Chapter 4 in Ada's campaign.

What's Next? (15) - Complete Chapter 5 in Ada's campaign.

Sneaking Around (15) - Get through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed.

Resident Evil 6 will release October 2nd on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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