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'Minecraft' developer Mojang sees profits more than double this year

Digital dirt blocks turn into gold


The developer behind Minecraft is doubling its profit this year compared to last.

Minecraft developer Mojang is on the road to more than doubling its profits since last year, according to MCV Nordic.

The studio is on course to make over €14 million, compared to last year's €7.2 million, and is confident the massively popular Minecraft will continue to be its primary revenue source.

Last year over three quarters of the studio's revenue went to Notch Development, owned by Minecraft developer Markus Persson. In comparison, this year the majority of revenue will go to Mojang which has since taken over the title's development.

"Since Mojang keeps more of the earnings from the new Minecraft versions, our turnover increases a lot this year," said CEO Carl Manneh.

"Our profits will more than double. Markus' company will also make more money, though perhaps not as high a percentage as Mojang."

The studio is currently working on a role playing card game called Scrolls and is aiding a number of small developers, with plans to publish their games.

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