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'They Bleed Pixels' coming to Steam this summer

There will be pixels

they bleed pixels
they bleed pixels

Beat-em-up platformer "They Bleed Pixels" coming to Steam this summer.

They Bleed Pixels, a Lovecraft-inspired pixelized beat-em-up, is coming to Steam this summer, developer Spooky Squid Games announced today.

They Bleed Pixels tells the story of a deeply troubled young girl who must battle through an army of strange creatures to escape her own nightmares. The games uses a "one-button combat scheme" meant to discourage players from button mashing or avoiding combat altogether. Quickly and stylishly killing enemies earns checkpoints that players can place at will. Not fighting is not an option if you want to save your game.

Spooky Squid announced They Bleed Pixels for Xbox Live Indie Games last summer. After a long delay for polishing purposes, the game has been moved to PC with the addition of several Steam-specific features, unveiled in the trailer below.

The next level of puzzles.

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