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'Nancy Drew' developer turns to Kickstarter for smartphone and tablet games

nancy drew kickstarter
nancy drew kickstarter

"Nancy Drew" developer Her Interactive has turned to Kickstarter for the move into smartphone and tablet gaming.

Her Interactive, the developer behind the Nancy Drew Adventure PC series, launched a Kickstarter campaign to port its latest title, Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen, to iOS and Android.

The campaign, launched yesterday, asks for $250,000 to begin the company's transition into developing for mobile devices. With 34 days to go it has reached just over $3,000. In a video posted on the Kickstarter page, the company states that the move to mobile is a response to popular fan request.

"Our first step is to move our PC/Mac games to tablets and smart phones where everyone is playing games now," the company writes on Kickstarter. "We will start by porting our award winning title Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen to the iOS and Android platforms.

"Reaching a larger audience means that we can invest more in each Nancy Drew game. So everyone benefits from this move, whether you play our games on your PC, your Mac or a mobile device," it says.

Her Interactive has been publishing the Nancy Drew Adventure series for PC since 1998. Tomb of the Lost Queen, the series 26th installment, was published on PC and Mac in May.

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