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'Eve Online' gets streamlined with latest 'Inferno' patch

eve online inferno
eve online inferno

The latest patch for "Eve Online" Inferno build focuses on user accessibility and an overhaul of its tutorial.

The latest patch for Eve Online focuses on player accessibility, including a "completely overhauled" initial tutorial sequence as well as streamlined Aura enhancements, developer CCP Games announced today on the Eve community website.

Character selection includes full-screen interaction, with the "Choose Race" map and "Choose Bloodline" avatars now fully interactive. Aura enhancments include more to-the-point directions and "clear instructions on what you need to learn at each stage," in order to make the game a "less painful experience for new Eve players." Aura tutorials now have their own navigation icon as well.

In addition to accessibility enhancements players now have access to new Alchemy reactions that bypass hand-crafting minerals when building components for more powerful items and ships, as well as a score of changes and enhancements to the game's ships.

Eve Online was first released in May 2003 and has been running on its Inferno build since late May this year.