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BigWorld CEO quits following acquisition by Wargaming

BigWorld CEO quits

bigworld technology
bigworld technology

BigWorld CEO John De Margheriti quits following the company's acquisition by Wargaming.

BigWorld CEO and co-founder John De Margheriti will step down as the company's director following its acquisition by Wargaming, BigWorld announced this morning.

Steve Wang, who co-founded Micro Forté development studios alongside Margheriti in 1985, will take the role of CEO. In 1995 the company patented the BigWorld Technology platform dedicated to running massively multiplayer online games. BigWorld provides the middleware Wargaming uses to launch and run its games.

"I believe that BigWorld is a great fit for Wargaming, and the acquisition is a very smart move by this growing global giant," Margheriti said in a press release. "They now have secured the best online games platform on the market, something that has taken my team and I over twelve years to develop. It will give Wargaming an unprecedented opportunity to provide their hard core audience an even more amazing experience. The acquisition will mean more jobs at BigWorld, who are already planning to move to larger offices."

Margheriti plans to act as a consultant for Wargaming and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Australia's largest education program for game design.

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