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'Defiance' developer diary explains mechanics of the open-world shooter

Shooter, MMO, TV Show


"Defiance" developer diary shows how you mix shooter and MMO with a little splash of television drama.

Trion Worlds released a new developer diary for Defiance today explaining how the team made a match with third-person shooter and massively multiplayer online mechanics.

"We take that great moment-to-moment third-person shooter gameplay and we put that into this huge seamless open world," says senior producer Rob Hill in the video.

The video below shows a sneak peek at a world that is always on, whether you're actively playing or not. Players can queue up for participation in multiplayer maps without leaving the game's open world. Defiance itself is its own multiplayer lobby, allowing players to drop in and drop out of maps of their own accord.

Defiance will be playable to the public at Gamescom next week and will release alongside its television show tie-in in 2013.

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