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'The War Z' cash shop items can be lost permanently

Just don't die

the war z
the war z

The War Z's cash shop items can be lost permanently after a player dies.

Players of Hammerpoint Interactive's upcoming zombie apocalypse game The War Z can lose cash shop items permanently when they die in game, studio PR Alex Josef told CinemaBlend.

At death, players will lose their backpack of items in both normal and hardcore modes, Josef stated. This includes if they bought something in the game using real money.

"We've discussed that a lot and at the end decided that this will provide a pretty good incentive for players to either be extra cautious while playing, or just not spend too much money in the game and, instead, try to procure all items by finding them in the game world."

The free-to-play massively multiplayer online game has drawn many comparisons to Bohemia Interactive's DayZ for its setting and now its similar take on player death.

The War Z will release this fall on PC. Hammerpoint is currently accepting pre-orders, which will allow early access to its closed beta, at the game's official website.

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