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'F1 2012' demo hits Xbox 360 today, PlayStation 3 and PC demo out September 11th

PlayStation and PC demo out later this week


F1 demo available today on Xbox 360.

F1 2012's demo is launching today on Xbox 360, and on September 11th for PlayStation 3 and PC platforms in North America, Codemasters announced.

Users will be able to try out two of the game's newest features before the game's full release, Young Drivers Test and Season Challenge.

The former mode will teach the player how to handle racing cars through a series of tests and videos, inspired by real events held at Abu Dhabi. Season Challenge, on the other hand, will let players compete across 10 races, picking a rival and attempting to beat them in a five-lap race at the iconic Monza: a 3.6 mile track in which vehicles can reach a top speed of 218 miles per hour.

F1 2012 is scheduled to release in full form on September 21st.