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'Battlefield 3' fixes coming to all platforms this week as 'Armored Kill' hits Xbox and PC

armored kill
armored kill

"Battlefield 3: Armored Kill" is coming to Xbox 360 and PC this week for Battlefield Premium members, bringing a couple fixes along with it.

Battlefield 3 is getting several fixes this week, just in time for Armored Kill to hit Xbox 360 and PC for Battlefield Premium members tomorrow, DICE designer Gustav Halling reports on his blog.

Once the patch has been implemented, players will no longer accidentally kill themselves due to a glitch when using mobile artillery's "Proximity Defense" smoke screen ability. The Gunship in Rush Mode will also now respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60, and the PC version of the Alborz Mountains map has been tweaked to properly display the Russian attack helicopter when it spawns.

The fixes will go live sometime between this Thursday and Tuesday next week, and will be applied to the servers so players need not run an update.

Armored Kill launched for PlayStation 3 players last week. The content will be available for all Battlefield 3 players to purchase later this month.

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